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About Me

I am a mama to two elementary-aged kids. In my spare time I enjoy games night with my family, walks with friends in nature, crafting with my kids, reading, and listening to music. Being a parent has given me the 24/7 experience of raising a family; the larger-than-life love, the exhaustion, the learning curve at every developmental stage, and the self reflections inherent to the journey of parenting. I have a deep appreciation for the vulnerability of being a caregiver and asking for help from a professional during times of difficulty.

My Background

I knew I wanted to work with children and families by the time I completed my undergrad. My first job with the Children and Youth with Special Needs team found me falling in love with the children and families, who demonstrated extraordinary strengths, passions, abilities and perseverance in the face of significant adversities. I quickly recognized the privilege of being able to walk alongside families in their most vulnerable moments, as they came to terms with their child’s differences or diagnoses, grieved losses, and searched for the ground beneath their feet again.

Fast forward, and I have been working with both typical and neurodiverse children and youth and their families as a school counsellor since 2013, specialising in children with neurodiversity, including learning differences, autism, and ADHD. My passion is empowering individuals and families to rediscover their strengths, face their fears, and experience more joy in their lives. 

I have training in play therapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive behaviour therapies. I have a Bachelor and a Master's degrees in Social Work (MSW). I am a registered with the BC College of Social Workers (RSW), and am a member of the BC Play Therapy Association, the BC Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Association of Social Workers.


My Philosophy

I have a deep belief that children do well if they can. As the adults in their lives, we can build on their lagging skills, celebrate their successes, and help guide them toward their preferred way of living. I believe that the foundation for healthy change and growth in a child’s life is through trusted relationships. 


My approaches include sandtray work, puppet play, art mediums, story-telling, neuroscience-based education, and generally creative approaches to challenging problems. Children learn and express through play, and providing these mediums allows them more tools or ‘language’ to process and make meaning of their lived experiences. I am honoured to serve as a companion and guide in this transformative journey of expression and transformation; from uncertainty to connection to self and others.

What to Expect

You can expect a warm, non-judgemental welcome and I like to approach my work with children with creativity, and at times that may include you! I will create a safe, supportive space for your child to be able to be themselves, and tune into their inner strengths and shining light. 


I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone call to give you a sense of who I am, and to determine if I may be the best fit for your family. Once we decide to work together, I require an initial intake session with a primary caregiver to gather pertinent information and give you a roadmap for how I will work with your child/youth.


I am committed to working collaboratively with caregivers in an open, caring, and supportive manner. With younger children, I can connect with a caregiver for the last 10 minutes of the session to let you know any general themes and to hear from you how things are going, or we can book a full session together intermittently as I work with your child. With youth, I support joint appointments and/or a way to share pertinent information that feels comfortable for everyone.

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